Featured Image: Elseworlds versions of DC's Joker (left) and vampire Batman (right) 1
10 Best Elseworlds Batman Stories

DC's Elseworlds has featured many different variations on Batman; here are 10 must-read alternate continuity Caped Crusader tales.

Batman and Santa Claus fight back to back in Silent Knight #2 1
Batman Only Scares Criminals Because Santa Claus Did It First (Yes, Really)

Batman, Santa Claus, and Krampus are currently crossing over in DC Comics, with Batman learning he has far more in common with them than he thinks.

Batman and Santa in Silent Knight Ben Oliver Comic Art 1
Batman Cosplay Redesigns the Batsuit to Match His Most Powerful Mentor, Santa Claus

A dedicated Batman cosplayer unveils a legendary Batsuit redesign, skillfully incorporating the essence of Batman's powerful mentor into every detail.

Batman and Green Lantern Hal Jordan 1
Batman's Anti-Green Lantern Contingency Has a 0% Chance of Success

Batman is infamous for having contingency plans for every enemy and ally he comes up against, but his Green Lantern plan is seriously terrible.

Featured Image: A grimacing Zur-En-Arrh Batman, looking as though he's coming directly for the reader 1
"Batcave of Zur-En-Arrh": Batman's Wild Alternate Persona Gets His Own Batcave in Surreal Fanart

The 1950s version of Batman’s alternate persona, the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh, gets his own Batcave in this fanart from artist Tom Hoskissen.

Batman: Hush To Become An Animated Film 1
Batman's Brutal New Look Is Hush-Worthy in Official Cover Art

Batman's brutal new look is hauntingly reminiscent of his notorious adversary, Hush, leaving fans to ask, "What happened to The Caped Crusader?"

Featured Image: Man-Bar clinging to the Bat Signal (DC Comics) 1
"Death Was Merely a Cocoon": 1 Classic DC Villain Reveals His Immortality & Becomes a Major Threat

Another one of Gotham's villains has evolved into an even more dangerous form, as the notorious Man-Bat has returned in his most sinister incarnation.

Featured Image: Robert Pattinson's Batman (foreground) with Clayface in the background 1
After 83 Years, Gotham Finally Unleashes an Iconic Villain's Full Power

There are tons of terrifying antagonists in Batman's rogues gallery, but one villain just revealed the horrific full extent of their true power.

Featured Image: Batman standing on a gothic rooftop, watching the Gotham City skyline below 1
DC Promises to Banish Batman from Gotham City with 1 Heartbreaking Move

The legend of Batman is an integral part of Gotham, but a group of villains are trying to erase Batman from the city, destroying his legacy forever.

Featured Image: Batman villain Two-Face, holding his iconic coin, with Batman in the background 1
Gotham's Nightmare-Fuel Reinvention Finally Gives Two-Face the Perfect Superpower

Batman has saved Gotham City countless times, but in the city's latest dire moment of need, it's not Batman who rises up, but Two-Face.

Artwork for the DCU's Batman: Brave and the Bold next to Ben Affleck's Batman in his metal mech suit 1
The Most Exciting Batman Reboot Casting Rumor Comes To Life In Gritty DC Fan Poster

An incredibly exciting, fan-casted candidate for the DCU’s Batman has been imagined as Gotham’s Dark Knight in a fantastic piece of fan art.

batman vs boba fett alex ross 1
Batman Battles Boba Fett in God-Tier Alex Ross Art

The DC and Star Wars universes collide as The Dark Knight of Gotham, Batman, battles the intergalactic bounty hunter Boba Fett in art by Alex Ross.

batman and his combat training robot 1
Batman Reveals the 1 Gadget as Essential as the Batmobile - That Fans Have Never Seen Before

As DC reveals one of Batman's defining adventures, the Dark Knight showcases a gadget that shaped him more definitively than the Batmobile.

Batman Superman Justice league 1
Batman & Superman Are Proving They're the Strongest Justice League Members - By Fighting the Entire Team

Batman and Superman are two of the most popular characters in comic books, and now they're going to prove they're the strongest characters too.

Comic book art: Batman Preparing to Fight Aliens with Guns 1
Batman's New Villain Is the First to Take Him Out with Just Three Punches

Batman's new villain, Captain Syyn, the commander of the alien spacecraft the War Storm, is his most brutal yet and takes him out with three punches!

Featured Image: Batman (left) and Spider-Man (right) swinging into action together, against the backdrop of a full moon and purple sky 1
"Let's Not Be the Friendly Neighborhood Batman": Batman's Crime-Fighting Methods Make Him Spider-Man's Perfect Opposite

One of the biggest things that separates Batman from other heroes is his aversion to the spotlight, which makes him the direct opposite of Spider-Man.

Nightwing crouching with the entire Bat-Family crowded around him 1
"There's. No. Way.": The Bat-Family's Hilarious Reactions to Meeting 1 Mythological Hero Are Priceless

Bat-Family members, including Batgirl, Nightwing, and Robin, meet a mythological hero in Batman's holiday special, and their reactions are pure gold.

Featured Image: cropped cover of Titans Beast World Tour cover featuring Batman 1
"Readers Have Been Trained to Expect Batman to Solve Everything": Batman's New Weakness Proves His 'Fix Everything' Reputation Is Out of Control

Turning Batman into a werewolf might sound like a centerpiece of some stories, but in Tom Taylor's "Beast World," it's just an opening move.

10 Best Batman Actors You Never Saw On-Screen 1
10 Best Batman Actors You Never Saw On-Screen 

Many prolific actors inhabited the role of Batman over the years, but there are just as many talented performers who have played him through voice.

nightwing killed batman-2 1
Sorry Nightwing - DC Confirms the 1 Hero Batman Can Trust Most, & It's Not Dick Grayson

Batman has a ton of allies that he can call on in times of need, but the one hero he trusts more than anyone is someone fans might not expect.

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