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Dashiel Reaves is a writer for ScreenRant, growing up he was always around comics due to his parents' involvement with Batman The Animated Series and various other comic book properties! He absolutely adores comics and always has for as long as he could read. He wants to try and share his love and passion for them with others.

Industry Focus

Since he grew up around his parents working on Batman the Animated Series, Dashiel has always loved Batman and the DC Universe. It's where his primary center of comic book knowledge is and it's what he enjoys talking about the most. Most of his articles are going to be about the DC Trinity because of this.

Favorite Media

While Dashiel's absolute favorite comic media is Hellblazer, he's also a huge fan of Batman and Superman. The dark city of Gotham and the bright buildings of Metropolis are something that is endlessly fascinating to him. Hopefully, this fascination comes off in his writing and is able to captivate readers just as much as it's captivated him.

Latest Articles

Featured Image: Elseworlds versions of DC's Joker (left) and vampire Batman (right) 1
10 Best Elseworlds Batman Stories

DC's Elseworlds has featured many different variations on Batman; here are 10 must-read alternate continuity Caped Crusader tales.

Reverse Flash comic book image 1
Batman's Worst Day Was Fixed By The Flash's Worst Enemy

Batman may have one of the darkest origin stories in comic books, but his worst possible day was actually prevented by an iconic Flash villain.

Featured Image: Superman using heat vision 1
1 Superman Power Could Drain His Other Abilities if He Used it Too Much

Superman has many different powers, with many different applications – but overusing one particular power can potentially drain the others.

Batman and Green Lantern Hal Jordan 1
Batman's Anti-Green Lantern Contingency Has a 0% Chance of Success

Batman is infamous for having contingency plans for every enemy and ally he comes up against, but his Green Lantern plan is seriously terrible.

Featured Image: DC's Superman (left) and Wonder Woman (right) 1
Superman Has an Incredibly Effective Contingency Plan to Instantly Beat Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is one of the strongest Justice League members, but Superman has a solid plan that takes her out of any potential fight in seconds.

Featured Image: DC's John Constantine smoking a cigarette. 1
10 Unforgettable Garth Ennis Hellblazer Moments

John Constantine is one of DC's darkest, most complex heroes; many of his most stand-out moments come from Garth Ennis' run on "Hellblazer."

Superman vs. Doomsday 1
These Unexpected Heroes Served Superman's Most Terrifying Villain a Humiliating Defeat

Superman has fought many terrifying villains over the years, and Doomsday is the scariest — but he also suffered the most humiliating defeat.

Featured Image: Carnage, ripping his way toward the viewer with a savage grin (Carnage Vol 3 #1 Siquiera Variant) 1
Carnage Proved His Godhood By Replicating Thor's Most Epic MCU Feat

Carnage is one of the more dangerous villains in the Marvel Universe and he just proved how powerful he is by replicating a major MCU Thor feat.

Featured Image: a massive gathering of Batman's many rogues 1
10 Villains Who Know Batman's Secret Identity

Batman's is as vigilant about protecting his secret identity as he is about anything, but somehow, his worst villains keep finding out.

Feaured Image: Superman vs Lex Luthor in his battle suit 1
Superman's New Power Armor Completes His Transformation into the New Lex Luthor

Superman and Lex Luthor have had a difficult relationship over the years, but now, with one upgrade, Superman has almost literally become Lex.

Featured Image: Man-Bar clinging to the Bat Signal (DC Comics) 1
"Death Was Merely a Cocoon": 1 Classic DC Villain Reveals His Immortality & Becomes a Major Threat

Another one of Gotham's villains has evolved into an even more dangerous form, as the notorious Man-Bat has returned in his most sinister incarnation.

Beast World Transformations 1
10 Coolest Transformations in DC's Beast World Event (So Far)

As DC's Beast World event kicks into full gear, tons of heroes and villains have been transformed, and some of them are cooler than others.

Daredevil Dog Pack fight(1) 1
Daredevil's Dog Pack Fight Can Give the MCU Its Most Brutal Fight Yet

Daredevil has been in plenty of intense fights, but one particular brawl from an older comic took things to an absolutely absurd level.

Featured Image: Robert Pattinson's Batman (foreground) with Clayface in the background 1
After 83 Years, Gotham Finally Unleashes an Iconic Villain's Full Power

There are tons of terrifying antagonists in Batman's rogues gallery, but one villain just revealed the horrific full extent of their true power.

Featured Image: Close up of DC villain Darkseid 1
"All-Out War": Darkseid's God-Like New Foe Leads the Justice League in a Massive DCU Battle

Darkseid is one of the most dangerous characters in the DC Universe, and now a new villain, Gog, is leading the Justice League against him.

Featured Image: Batman standing on a gothic rooftop, watching the Gotham City skyline below 1
DC Promises to Banish Batman from Gotham City with 1 Heartbreaking Move

The legend of Batman is an integral part of Gotham, but a group of villains are trying to erase Batman from the city, destroying his legacy forever.

Comic book art: an older Superman looks down in sadness as other costumed heroes watch him. 1
Superman Just Destroyed Kingdom Come's Man of Steel with 1 Sentence

Superman isn't known for insulting other heroes, but when confronted with the Kingdom Come version of Superman, he has a few harsh words to say.

Superman and the Justice League DC Comics 1
"Someone Whose Heroic Appeal Always Escaped Me": Even Superman Admits He's Never Respected 1 Justice League Hero

Superman is one DC's most polite characters, but there's one certain Justice League member that even Superman doesn't see the appeal of.

Featured Image: Venom swinging wildly through a cityscape 1
Venom Names the 1 Symbiote Who Can Match His Strength (Not Carnage)

In Red Goblin #10, the Venom symbiote declared the eponymous character to be the one symbiote that can match its strength, moreso even than Carnage.

Comic book art: Green Arrow in front of an explosion. 1
The Justice League Just Fired Green Arrow in the Darkest Way

Green Arrow is a staple member of the Justice League, but after a recent crisis, he's technically been fired from DC's once-biggest team.

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