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About Shannon Brady

Shannon Brady is a writer who specializes in fiction and media analysis. Her short stories can be found in such publications as Queer Sci Fi, Jerry Jazz Musician, Dark Peninsula Press, and Third Flatiron Anthologies. She loves anime, fantasy, and horror, and when not writing can be found baking or petting dogs.

Author Details

Shannon Brady is a writer who specializes in fiction and media analysis. Her short stories can be found in such publications as Queer Sci Fi, Jerry Jazz Musician, Dark Peninsula Press, and Third Flatiron Anthologies. She loves anime, fantasy, and horror, and when not writing can be found baking or petting dogs.

Industry Focus

Shannon is an Anime and Manga writer who primarily writes about shows like Naruto, Hunter x Hunter, Noragami, Fullmetal Alchemist, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Pokemon, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and many more. Before writing solely anime and manga lists, she also wrote about horror movies and video games like The Legend of Zelda. 

Favorite Media

Shannon likes to branch out into all genres and media, but her favorites are shounen anime and horror movies. Ever since watching Naruto, Death Note, Jaws, and Alien at a young age, she was hooked, and is always looking for new favorites.

Latest Articles

A three-image collage. On the left, Scar glares at the camera in Fullmetal Alchemist. In the middle, Sasuke Uchiha looks confident, surrounded by Chidori's lightning, in Naruto. On the right, Chouji Suitengu smirks at the camera in Speed Grapher. 1
10 Best Anime Villains Who Actually Had A Good Point

Many anime villains actually have a good point behind their nefarious plans and the trouble they cause for the heroes.

A three-image collage. On the left, Ranma Saotome's male and female forms strike martial arts poses in Ranma 1/2. In the middle, Taki Tachibana and Mitsuha Miyamizu, silhouetted against the sunset, reach for one another with a beam of light separating them in Your Name. On the right, a nervous Suzu Kanade has her arms around a smirking Matsuri Kazamaki's neck in Ayakashi Triangle. 1
10 Best Gender Bender Anime And Manga

Many series tell the story of a character who magically or supernaturally switches from one gender to another, making them explore their own identity.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven 1
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Best JoJos, Ranked

Over the decades, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has featured many unique heroes in both the anime and manga, but who are the fan favorites?

Three Most Manipulative Anime Villains 1
12 Most Manipulative Anime Villains

The best anime villains manipulate, deceive, and control the heroes and everyone around them to get their way, as seen in Monster and Chainsaw Man.

A three-image collage. On the left, Howl leans in fondly over a smiling Sophie's shoulder in Howl's Moving Castle. In the middle, Kyo Sohma tenderly takes Tohru Honda's hand in Fruits Basket. On the right, Hana and Wolf Dad affectionately touching foreheads, with tears at Hana's closed eyes, in Wolf Children Ame and Yuki. 1
10 Best Supernatural Romance Anime

From vampires to shapeshifters to spirits, many anime heroes find themselves in supernatural romances with a fantastical creature.

A three-image collage. On the left, San and Ashitaka look into the distance together in Princess Mononoke. In the middle, Chitoge Kirisaki and Raku Ichijou grapple furiously in Nisekoi. On the right, Taiga Aisaka delivers a swift uppercut to Ryuji Takasu's jaw in Toradora! 1
10 Best Enemies To Lovers Anime

Many of anime's best couples start out as bitter enemies before eventually becoming fiercely devoted lovers.

Pokémon's Pikachu is Crying Behind a Blue Image of a Town. 1
10 Saddest Pokémon Backstories That Are Absolutely Heartbreaking

Pokémon isn't always as happy as fans remember. Often, its characters have the saddest backstories, as seen with Cubone, Charmander, and Team Rocket.

A three-image collage. On the left, the cast of Kochikame pose together. In the middle, the cast of AnoHana lay on the grass in a circle together. On the right, Tomoko Kuroki puts a cell phone to her ear with a strained smile in Watamote. 1
10 Best Anime That Actually Justify Their Ridiculously Long Titles

Many anime titles are quite the mouthful, describing their premises in great detail. The longest grab viewers' attention immediately.

A three-image collage. On the left, Asuka Langley Soryuu and Shinji Ikari watch from a beach as Rei/Lilith's head rises from a red ocean in The End of Evangelion. In the middle, Xiao Yu, back to the camera, raises her arms to the sky in a field of sunflowers in Flavors of Youth. On the right, Naruto Uzumaki, with a monkey on his head, runs from arrows in Naruto The Movie: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom. 1
10 Best Anime Movies On Netflix You Can Watch Now

Netflix's current selection of anime movies includes thrilling action films, emotional romantic dramas, and horrifying nightmares.

A three-image collage. On the left, Tomona plays his biwa and smiles in Inu-Oh. In the middle, the cast of Tatami Time Machine Blues pose in front of a giant clock. On the right, Scott Pilgrim blocks a punch in Scott Pilgrim Takes Off! 1
10 Best Science Saru Anime

Anime studio Science Saru creates some of the most innovative and visually impressive anime out there, many of which are available to stream.

Jo Jo's Bizarre adventure image with stylized background of yellow and blue. 1
10 Best Licensed Video Games Based On Anime

Video games based on anime, such as JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Fist of the North Star, can be some of the best games out there for fans.

A three-image collage. On the left, Ashitaka and San, covered in purple curse blight, raise the Deer God's head together in Princess Mononoke. In the middle, Howl leans in over Sophie's shoulder, both of them smiling, in Howl's Moving Castle. On the right, Seiji Amasawa leans out a window to listen to Shizuku Tsukishima, who is leaning against the house wall, in Whisper of the Heart. 1
10 Best Studio Ghibli Couples

Studio Ghibli's heroes tend to come in pairs, both of them strengthening and inspiring one another. These Ghibli couples stand out as the most iconic.

A three-image collage. On the left, Chihaya Ayase throws down a karuta card to win against a shocked Taichi Mashima in Chihayafuru. In the middle, Dan Kuso holds out a Bakugan sphere between splayed fingers in Bakugan Battle Brawlers. On the right, Kaiji Itou looks nervously at a card in his hand in Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor.  1
10 Best Anime Like Yu-Gi-Oh!

Yu-Gi-Oh! inspired many smash-hit anime that feature high-stakes card games and powerful themes of friendship and loyalty.

Tragic Anime Backstories With Asuka, Gaara, And Vash 1
10 Most Tragic Backstories In Anime

In anime such as My Hero Academia and Naruto, characters suffer horribly tragic backstories. Who had the absolute saddest childhood?

A three-image collage. On the left, Ninja Slayer glares downward in Ninja Slayer. In the middle, Naruto Uzumaki prepares to launch a Rasengan in Naruto. On the right, Jubei Kibagami carries his sword in one hand and a rice ball in the other, hat shadowing his face, as he walks in Ninja Scroll. 1
10 Most Interesting Ninja Anime

The most interesting ninja anime take the best parts of the ninja's historical roots and the dramatic elements that make an exciting anime.

A three-image collage. On the left, Sunako Kirishiki sits on a couch with solid black eyes in Shiki. In the middle, Alucard grins happily, glasses shining solid orange-red over his eyes, in Hellsing. On the right, Dio Brando smirks as he bares his shoulder to show off the Joestar birthmark in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. 1
10 Best Vampires In Anime

Vampires are some of the most popular monsters in fiction, and anime is no exception, where they take the most original and bizarre features.

A three-image collage. On the left, half of Kusuo Saiki's face is shown, with one eye glowing blue, in The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. In the middle, Shigeo Kageyama is surrounded by a rainbow aura as he raises his hand in Mob Psycho 100. On the right, Tetsuo Shima snarls and his cape blows in the wind as he lifts several rocks with his mind.  1
10 Best Anime Characters With Psychic Powers

Psychic powers are very common in anime, and they can be both versatile and make their users incredibly powerful.

A three-image collage. On the left, Eva 01 crouches and roars at its opponent in Neon Genesis Evangelion. In the middle, Atom spreads his arms protectively in Pluto. On the right, Ultraman glares with glowing eyes in the middle of a city in Ultraman. 1
10 Best Science Fiction Anime On Netflix

Some of the best science fiction anime ever made are streaming on Netflix, including Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ultraman, and Pluto.

A three-image collage. On the left, the main characters of Hunter X Hunter pose happily. In the middle, Monkey D. Luffy grins and cracks his knuckles in One Piece. On the right, Tanjirou and Nezuko Kamado brace themselves to attack in Demon Slayer. 1
10 Best Fantasy Anime On Netflix

Netflix has some of the best fantasy anime in its streaming library, including Hunter X Hunter, One Piece, and Demon Slayer.

A three-image collage. On the left, Minato Namikaze winks and holds up a marked kunai knife in Naruto. In the middle, Killua Zoldyck glares as lightning makes his hair spike up in Hunter x Hunter. On the right, Hawks leans his head on his hand and laughs in My Hero Academia. 1
10 Fastest Anime Characters Ever

These blink-and-you'll-miss-them speedsters are the fastest anime characters of all time.

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