Loki (2021)

Having escaped from a different timeline, Loki stars in his own titular series, where he learns about the life of his predecessor and discovers the truth of time and space. In the show, Loki reluctantly becomes a part of the Time Variance Authority (TVA), an interdimensional governing body that keeps time in order. On the chopping block, Loki is given a chance to save himself by helping the TVA hunt down someone more dangerous than himself - another Loki.

Loki Season 2 Poster

Tom Hiddleston , Richard E. Grant , Erika Coleman , Gugu Mbatha-Raw , Sophia Di Martino , Owen Wilson , Wunmi Mosaku , Sasha Lane
Release Date
June 11, 2021
Michael Waldron , Eric Martin
Kate Herron
Michael Waldron
Story By
Michael Waldron


Loki guarding the multiverse in Loki season 2's finale and Loki invading Earth in 2012's The Avengers 1
Loki Season 2's Ending Perfectly Flipped His Avengers Invasion 11 Years Later

Loki might finally have his throne at the end of Loki season 2, but his original The Avengers story was completely flipped during the Multiverse Saga.

Loki (Tom Hiddelston) becoming a god and Baby Loki being transformed 1
MCU Theory Explains Why Loki Was Strong Enough To Save The Multiverse In The Loki Season 2 Finale

Loki's inordinate level of power was demonstrated when he saved the multiverse, and one theory explains exactly how he was strong enough to do so.

Loki season 2 poster where he is in his series finale suit, controlling green lightning, and He Who Remains smiling at his desk-1 1
Loki Season 3 Is Happening More Than 2 Years Later But Not How You Think

Loki season 2 was the perfect ending for the story that the MCU series had set out to tell, but season 3 is coming in an unexpected way.

Tom Hiddleston's Loki in several episodes of Loki season 2. 1
10 Ways Loki Can Return To The MCU After Loki Season 2’s Ending

Despite his seemingly final fate in the Loki season 2 finale, there are still plenty of ways that Loki could return to the MCU in upcoming projects.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki in the show's poster between Netflix's Daredevil and the poster for Marvel Runaways 1
If Loki Season 3 Happens It Would Break A 4-Year Marvel Trend

While not officially confirmed after season 2’s climactic ending, Loki season 3’s potential release would break a four-year-old trend for Marvel.

Loki with Sylvie and Victor Timely in green in Loki season 2 1
10 Biggest Unanswered Questions After Loki Season 2

Tom Hiddleston's Loki season 2 came to an end in November 2023, but there are still many unanswered questions from the epic season finale.

SR Pitch Meeting Loki Season 2 1
Loki Season 2 Pitch Meeting

Screen Rant's Pitch Meeting travels through time to look at Loki season 2 and the highs and lows of the MCU show's latest episodes.

Wanda Maximoff looks determined Loki looks pensive 1
Loki Season 2 Makes A Phase 5 Villain Redemption Story Way More Possible

The MCU has become pretty proficient in writing compelling redemption arcs, and Loki Season 2 has just made a Phase 5 villain's more likely.

Jonathan Majors' He Who Remains in Loki season 1 with Tom Hiddleston's Loki in Loki season 2 1
The MCU's Newest Kang Variant Is Set Up To Be A Powerful Avenger According To Loki Season 2 Theory

The newest Young Avenger has already been introduced to the MCU according to a theory hinting at a bigger role for one Loki season 2 Kang variant.

Loki God of Stories and Watcher in MCU 1
Loki May Finally Be Capable Of An Incredible MCU Feat Only 3 Other Characters Have Accomplished

Following the Loki season 2 finale, the former God of Mischief may be capable of an impressive MCU feat only 3 other characters have accomplished.

Custom image of Loki in the Loki season 2 finale in TVA clothes and as the God of Stories, both looking straight into the camera. 1
Loki Season 2 Secretly Foreshadowed His Ending Months Before It Happened

Loki season 2 concluded with a twist that saw the character get a major new MCU role, and it turns out that ending was foreshadowed months prior.

Deadpool With Loki and Avengers Secret Wars Images 1
Deadpool 3 Reveals Make A Clever Loki & Avengers 6 Theory Seem Way More Likely

A collection of Deadpool 3 set photos supports a major MCU theory involving Loki and Avengers: Secret Wars which is set to close the Multiverse Saga.

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) looks concerned in the TVA in Loki season 2 1
Loki Secretly Accomplishes A Thor Villain’s Goal In Loki Season 2

Most MCU villains fail in their conquests for victory and power, but Loki accomplishes a Thor villain goal more than 5 years after their demise.

Loki in Thor and Loki in Loki season 2 1
Loki's 20 Best Quotes In The MCU

Loki, despite starting out as an MCU villain, quickly became a fan-favorite character with audiences, in no small part because of his iconic quotes.

Tom Hiddleston Loki Chris Hemsworth Thor exclusive header 1
Tom Hiddleston Reflects On What Thor Would Think Of Loki After The Season 2 Finale

Exclusive: Tom Hiddleston discusses what Chris Hemsworth's Thor thinks of Loki after the season 2 finale in which he became a fully-fledged MCU hero.

Star Trek Lower Decks Sam Rutherford Eugene Cordero Loki 1
Star Trek Lower Decks (2020)
Who Plays Star Trek’s Rutherford & Marvel Loki Connection Explained

Comedic actor Eugene Cordero voices Lt. Sam Rutherford on Star Trek: Lower Decks, and he also plays a significant role in Marvel's Loki.

Sad Loki next to President Loki smiling 1
Loki Season 1 Character Details Make His Future After Loki Season 2 Even Sadder

Loki had a heartbreaking ending in season 2, and thanks to one character detail from season 1, his new role in the MCU is now sadder.

Artwork of Kang the Conqueror between Tom Hiddleston as God Loki and Chris Hemsworth as Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder 1
Loki Season 2 Set Up Avengers 5's Most Likely Thor & Loki Reunion - But Not How You Think

The ending of Loki season 2 sets up a likely Thor and Loki reunion for Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, but not in the way many would think.

OB in Loki season 2 looking in a TVA device and at the temporal loom 1
Loki's OB Was Almost A Variant Of Another MCU Character According To New Concept Art

OB was an instant hit when he arrived in Loki Season 2, but an original concept for his character nearly turned him into another variant instead.

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) smiles in the Loki seson 2 finale 1
Loki Season 2 Perfectly Pays Off A Touching Endgame Moment 4 Years Later

Loki's second season not only rewards years of character development for the former God of Mischief but also pays off a 4-year-old MCU quote.

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