Cobra Kai

Set decades after the events of the Karate Kid franchise, Cobra Kai shifts gears and puts viewers into the perspective of a former rival/antagonist, Johnny Lawrence. In his 50s and down on his luck, a chance encounter with a bullied young man leads Johnny back to Karate. Agreeing to help him, Johnny takes the opportunity to revive his former home, the Cobra Kai dojo - becoming a refuge for outcast teens.

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Cobra Kai

Tanner Buchanan , Xolo Mariduena , Mary Mouser , Connor Murdock , Ralph Macchio , Nichole Brown , Jacob Bertrand , Griffin Santopietro , William Zabka
Josh Heald , Jon Hurwitz , Hayden Schlossberg , Michael Jonathan , Mattea Greene , Bill Posley , Stacey Harman , Joe Piarulli , Bob Dearden
Jon Hurwitz
Jon Hurwitz
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josh heald


Cobra Kai is a continuation of the famous Karate Kid franchise, with Ralph Macchio and William Zabka reprising their roles from the movie several years later. Set thirty years after the All Valley Karate Tournament in 1984, the series focuses on Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) reopening the Cobra Kai dojo. When down-on-his-luck Johnny Lawrence loses his job as a handyman in Los Angeles, he discovers his neighbor, Miguel Diaz(Xolo Mariduena), being bullied. When Miguel begs to be trained by Johnny, he reluctantly accepts, setting up the revival of the Cobra Kai Dojo, the soon-to-be home of many more outcasts that all unite under the dojo. Unfortunately, this revival reignites the rivalry between Daniel and Johnny, leading to the series' secondary conflict. The project was first announced in August 2017 after YouTube gave Cobra Kai a series order. Cobra Kai was eventually moved to Netflix from season 3 onwards. Season 5 premiered on September 9 2022 and focuses on Daniel and Johnny teaming up together to bring down the recently usurped Cobra Kai after Silver cheats to win at the All-Valley Karate Tournament in 2019.


Peyton List looking concerned in School Spirits episode 8  1
School Spirits (2023)
Netflix Already Has A Thrilling Show To Watch For Those Waiting For School Spirits Season 2

While they wait for School Spirits season 2, fans of the teen drama can tune into a similar yet different thrilling series streaming on Netflix.

IMAGE-Cobra Kai Season 4 Secretly Prepared Daniel For His Karate Kid Team-Up With Jackie Chan 1
Cobra Kai Season 4 Secretly Prepared Daniel For His Karate Kid Team-Up With Jackie Chan

Joining forces with kung-fu master Jackie Chan would have been hard for Daniel before Cobra Kai season 4, but the original Karate Kid is now ready.

Cobra Kai Actors Characters Ages Comparison 1
Cobra Kai & Karate Kid's 16 Teenage Fighters, Ranked By Skill Level

The teen fighters are at the center of The Karate Kid and Cobra Kai, and though they are each skilled, some stack up higher than the others.

Cobra Kai's Courtney Henggeler on the right, on the left a screaming Eli and Daniel and Johnny with their arms around each other's shoulders. 1
Cobra Kai Season 6 Star Reveals When Filming Begins For Final Season

Exclusive: Cobra Kai season 6 star Courtney Henggeler reveals that filming for the Netflix show's final season will resume early next year.

Johnny Lawrence tying his headband in Cobra Kai 1
Cobra Kai Season 6: Cast, Story & Everything We Know

Cobra Kai season 5 is not the end of the global hit series. Here's everything we know so far about when Cobra Kai season 6 will hit Netflix.

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Robby Keene Terry Silver and John Kreese in Cobra Kai standing in a line looking intimidating. 1
Cobra Kai Season 6 Release Window Gets An Update From Creators

The highly anticipated Cobra Kai season 6 gets a new update on its potential release window from the creators of the hit Karate Kid sequel show.

18-3 1
7 Cobra Kai Fights That Would Probably Have A Different Winner If They Happened Now

The characters of Cobra Kai have come a long way since some of their biggest fights of the series, so any rematches in season 6 could go differently.

Hailry Swank from The Next Karate Kid composited with Ralph Macchio and William Zabka in Cobra Kai 1
Cobra Kai Season 6 Gets A Vague Update About A Possible Hilary Swank Appearance

The Cobra Kai showrunners address whether Hilary Swank could finally make an appearance in season 6 of the hit Karate Kid sequel show.

Pat Morita's Mr. Miyagi with an unknown rival in Miyagi-verse 1
Cobra Kai Season 6 Casting Sets Up The Show's First True Mr. Miyagi Rival

While no one has surpassed Mr. Miyagi's expertise in karate in the franchise, the new casting in Cobra Kai Season 6 suggests that this could change.

the team from Obliterated gathered around looking at Winters' phone 1
Obliterated (2023)
Cobra Kai Creators' New Netflix Show Hits #1 On The Top 10 Global Chart

Obliterated, the new Netflix show created by Cobra Kai's Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg, has hit #1 on the Global Top 10 chart.

Jackie Chan and Ralph Macchio as their respective Karate Kid characters 1
Karate Kid (2024) (2024)
Jackie Chan's New Karate Kid Movie Role Must Do 1 Thing To Avoid Disrespecting Mr. Miyagi

The upcoming Jackie Chan Karate Kid movie has to correctly honor Mr. Miyagi's legacy, and it can achieve this by doing one very simple thing.

Tanner Buchanan as Robby, Xolo Maridueña as Miguel, and Ralph Macchio as Daniel LaRusso 1
A Cobra Kai Season 1 Episode Foreshadowed All Future Rivalries (Until Season 5 Changed Everything)

1 Cobra Kai episode perfectly captures the essence of what the entire series will be about and foreshadows all potential rivalries from future seasons

Ron Thomas as Bobby Brown, Okea Eme-Akwari as Shawn Payne, and David Shatraw as Tom Cole in Cobra Kai 1
8 Side Characters We Hope Return For Cobra Kai Season 6

There are many interesting characters who aren't expected to return in Cobra Kai season 6, but it would still be nice to see them make a cameo.

Ralph Macchio as Daniel LaRusso in the Cobra Kai franchise 1
10 Cobra Kai Characters Karate Kid's New Movie Must Include After Daniel LaRusso

With the confirmation of Daniel LaRusso returning for a new Karate Kid movie, which other beloved Cobra Kai characters should be included in the film?

Hilary Swank Jackie Chan-1 1
Karate Kid's New Movie Makes Cobra Kai's Biggest Missing Character Return Worse

A new Karate Kid movie is coming in 2024 starring Jackie Chan and Ralph Macchio, which only makes the franchise’s lack of this one character worse.

Obliterated helped cobra kai 1
"I Want To Go Back Home Now”: Obliterated Opened The Door For Cobra Kai Season 6, Reveals Showrunner

Exclusive: Cobra Kai season 6 showrunner Hayden Schlossberg shares his excitement about returning to the show after making Obliterated.

Amanda, Daniel, Anthony, ans Sam LaRusso in Cobra Kai 1
Cobra Kai Season 6 Will Miss A Major Opportunity If Doesn't Explore 1 Key LaRusso Relationship

Cobra Kai season 6 will miss a major opportunity if it does not delve deeper into the inner workings of 1 key relationship from the LaRusso family.

Ralph Macchio as Daniel LaRusso in the Cobra Kai franchise 1
What Daniel LaRusso's Karate Kid Future Confirmation Means For Cobra Kai Season 6

Since Daniel LaRusso has been confirmed as a character in the new Karate Kid, some interesting plot developments can happen in Cobra Kai season 6.

new-karate-kid-movie-good-bad-cobra-kai 1
6 Concerns We Already Have About The New Karate Kid Movie After 5 Great Cobra Kai Seasons

The new Karate Kid starring Jackie Chan and Ralph Macchio reprising their respective roles is exciting, but it also raises concerns for Cobra Kai.

Jackie Chan as Mr. Han next to the poster for Cobra Kai season 5 1
Jackie Chan's Karate Kid Return Can Introduce Cobra Kai Season 6's Perfect Antagonist

The return of Jackie Chan to the Karate Kid franchise offers the perfect antagonist for the cast of Cobra Kai season 6 during the Sekai Taikai.

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