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Charles is a Brooklyn based writer who recently graduated from SUNY Purchase College's Playwriting & Screenwriting program. Aside from writing for ScreenRant, Charles writes film scripts, travels, and desperately tries to stay on top of new content. 

Industry Focus

Charles covers lists for both movies and TV for ScreenRant. Charles writes about ongoing series such as House of the Dragon, Rings of Power, The Boys, Gen V, Yellowstone, The Bear, Foundation, and The Last of Us, as well as new theatrical and streaming film releases. He also frequently compiles lists for old films and shows.

Favorite Media

Charles is a huge fan of films, shows and books. His favorite directors are David Lynch, Sofia Coppola and Michael Mann, with Twin Peaks being his favorite piece of fictional media. Some of his other favorite shows include The Wire and Lost. Charles' favorite films include Mulholland Drive, Magnolia, Blade Runner and Once Upon a Time in the West.

Latest Articles

actorswhohavestarred_inatleast5_westerns 1
10 Actors Who Starred In At Least 5 Great Western Movies

Many actors in the 20th century made names for themselves in the Western genre, like Clint Eastwood and John Wayne, who starred in several classics.

Jonathan Groff as Holden pointing at the white board in Mindhunter 1
10 Binge-Released TV Shows That Would Have Been Better With Weekly Episodes

Weekly episodes vs. binge-release is a constant debate in the streaming era. These shows likely would've benefited from having weekly releases.

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10 TV Shows That Shocked You Over & Over With Incredible Plot Twists

Nothing keeps audiences engaged or sparks discussion like great plot twists, and these shows are the best at delivering shocking moments.

The Flash, Superman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Batman and Aquaman in Justice League in the DCEU 1
10 Mistakes That Hurt Great Movie Franchises

For various reasons, big Hollywood movie studios have made costly mistakes in their franchises that contradicted their previous virtues.

Kit Harington as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones season 8 1
Game Of Thrones (2011)
9 Game Of Thrones Actors Who Auditioned For Other Characters

Before being cast in their famous Game of Thrones roles, these nine actors auditioned for different characters. Here's who these stars almost played.

tv-shows-worse-than-books 1
10 TV Shows That Are Worse Than The Books They're Based On

Adaptation is extremely challenging, and many TV shows adapted from books aren't as good as their source material. Here are some examples.

tv-shows-not-like-expected 1
10 TV Shows That Were Nothing Like We Expected

TV is hard to predict, and while most shows shocked their audiences with crazy plot twists, others turned out to be something entirely unexpected.

movies-multiple-directors-cuts-versions-changes- 1
10 Movies That Directors Couldn't Stop Meddling With Even After Release

These films kept being worked on years after their release, with multiple cuts or changes by directors like George Lucas or Ridley Scott.

robert-de-niro-movies-ranked 1
Robert De Niro's 10 Best Movies, Ranked

Robert De Niro is one of the greatest actors ever, known for playing tough gangster characters. Through six decades, here are his best films.

tv-shows-too-big-to-fail 1
10 TV Shows That Seemed Too Big To Fail... But Then Did Anyway

With massive budgets, super-star casts, and talented creative teams working behind the scenes, some television shows failed against all odds.

Collage of Al Pacino, Kate Winslet, and Will Smith 1
10 Actors Who Turned Down Major Roles That Would've Completely Changed Hollywood

There are many documented stories of actors passing on huge roles, but these instances would've resulted in dramatic changes to the film landscape.

percy-jackson-season-1-episodes-1-2-easter-eggs-hidden-details 1
Percy Jackson & The Olympians (2023)
11 Easter Eggs & Hidden Details In Percy Jackson Season 1 Episodes 1 & 2

There's a ton to break down in the fast-paced introductory episodes to Percy Jackson and the Olympians, including book and mythology references.

IMAGE-10 Great Actors Whose First Movies Were Box Office Hits 1
10 Great Actors Whose First Movies Were Box Office Hits

Actors break out in the movie industry every year with great performances, but only a select few have found box office success in their film debuts.

best-netflix-shows-2023 1
15 Best Netflix TV Shows Of 2023

Despite the competition, Netflix is still one of the biggest and most prestigious streaming platforms. Here are their best TV releases of 2023.

alldeaths_on_thecrown_explained 1
The Crown (2016)
All 4 Deaths In The Crown Season 6, Explained

The final season of Netflix's historical drama, The Crown, explores the deaths of multiple real-life figures. Here's how accurate they were.

Daenerys Drogon Game of Thrones 1
Game Of Thrones (2011)
10 Best Game Of Thrones Dragon Scenes, Ranked

While Game of Thrones earned its reputation for outstanding political intrigue and character work, it also has some epic fantasy dragon scenes.

The Crown season 6 Queen Elizabeth, William, Kate Middleton 1
The Crown (2016)
10 Biggest Things That Happen After The Crown Season 6 (That Would Be In Season 7)

The Crown season 6 ended the show's story in 2005. A seventh season could explore these historical and cultural events from the years following.

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10 Movies That Are Essential To Understanding The 2000s

Movies enormously impacted 2000s pop culture in music, humor, fashion, and more. These classics are quintessential to the 2000s decade.

best-drama-movies-2023 (1) 1
15 Best Drama Movies Of 2023

Titles like Killers of the Flower Moon, Priscilla, and May December represent some of the best drama films of 2023, a year packed with hits.

perfect_biopic_castings 1
10 Times Biopics Perfectly Nailed Casting A Historical Figure

Like Cillian Murphy's portrayal of Oppenheimer, there are many films where perfectly cast actors transformed into the historical figures they played.

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