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First Year Out Cover Brown Haired Woman in Pink Sweatshirt 1
First Year Out Endures as the Essential OGN about Trans Identity (Review)

Sabrina Symington's sharp writing and educational segments for First Year Out have made it endure for years as a must-read on the Trans experience.

BRZRKR Poetry of Madness Variant Cover Header 1
Keanu Reeves Deftly Slashes Through Sword & Sorcery in BRZRKR: Poetry of Madness (Review)

Keanu Reeves and the rest of the creative team manages to weave a satisfying prequel that delivers on the promise of the immortal warrior, B.

Superman Last Days Lex Luthor Cover DC 1
Superman: The Last Days of Lex Luthor Is an Iconic Rivalry at Its Best (Review)

Superman: The Last Days of Lex Luthor #1 by Mark Waid and Bryan Hitch is a somber tale of mortality and missed opportunities for friendship.

Eden's End Morrison and Sharp Skull and Warrior with Axe 1
EDEN’S END: Grant Morrison’s Secret History of Man & Superman is a Stunning Epic (Review)

Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp's new comic is an epic sci-fi take on the creation myth, featuring the secret history of man and superman.

Cover for Dead Romans from Image Comics featuring Honoria.  1
Image's DEAD ROMANS Is a Gripping Tale of Love & War Based in Real History (Review)

Dead Romans is on its penultimate issue and has already proven to be a compelling story centered on love and loyalty, set during a historic conflict.

Brynmore Steve Niles Cover 1
Horror Maestro Steve Niles' BRYNMORE Is a Dark Look at Family Trauma: Review

Horror maestro and 30 Days of Night writer Steve Niles returns to IDW Publishing for a new comic titled Brynmore, a dark look at generational trauma.

Zatanna, lit by blue light, holding a stage magician's wand before her face. 1
DC's Zatanna WEBTOON Series: Come For the Show, Stay for the Heart (Review)

Having wrapped up its 51-episode run, DC Comics and WEBTOON's Zatanna & the Ripper series is a celebration of friendship and budding self-confidence.

DC Pride 2023 Polaroid Cover 1
DC Pride 2023 Is an Earnest Tribute to All Kinds of Queer Love (Review)

With a grab-bag of stories, essays, pin-ups, and more, DC Pride 2023 #1 is the publisher's third Pride anthology—and its most meaningful yet.

w0rldtr33 PH3AR Frison Cover 1
W0RLDTR33’s Horror Tale of a Sentient Internet Lives Up to Its Promise (Review)

One of the most anticipated horror titles of the year has arrived: James Tynion IV and Fernando Blanco's new series w0rldtr33 lives up to the hype.

Batman Joe Quesada 1
Batman #900 Is DC's Must-Read Comic of 2023 (Review)

More than just a milestone issue exploring Batman's legacy across page and screen, Batman #900 is an artistic triumph on the part of Jorge Jiménez.

Lois Lane Girl Taking Over 1
GIRL TAKING OVER's Reimagined Lois Lane Is the Hero Kids Need (Review)

DC Comics' latest YA graphic novel, Girl Taking Over, reimagines the intrepid reporter Lois Lane as a determined teen intern with a lot to prove.

Order and Outrage Dark Horse Jim Starlin 1
Thanos' Creator Returns to Space Opera with Order and Outrage: Review

In Order and Outrage from Dark Horse Comics, Thanos creator Jim Starlin teams with artist Rags Morales for a grand return to the space opera genre.

danger street darkseid cover art 1
Danger Street Review: A Bizarre Debut Issue Too Special To Miss

Tom King and Jorge Fornes' latest project, Danger Street, shines a light on some long-forgotten DC Comics characters in a masterfully connected way.

Blue Beetle Round Robin DC Comics 1
Review: Blue Beetle Graduation Day Is The Series Jaime Reyes Needs

DC's Blue Beetle: Graduation Day is a bilingual delight for fans of Jaime Reyes, who appears ready to take the next step in his journey as a hero.

Deadpool's Forgotten Gadget Returns to Give Him New Powers Featured 1
Deadpool's Forgotten Gadget Returns to Give Him New Powers

In an attempt to get back onto X-Force and be welcomed by the mutant nation Krakoa, Deadpool's upgraded some old tech he hasn't used in quite a while.

The cover of the Jimi Hendrix: Electric Requiem graphic novel from Ablaze Publishing. 1
Jimi Hendrix: Electric Requiem Review: Better Than Any Music Biopic

The psychedelic life of Jimi Hendrix is finally immortalized in dazzling ink for an all-new graphic novel experience capturing his highs and lows.

Dark Knights of Steel #1 Review: DC/Fantasy Mash-Up Hits Grand Slam

Tom Taylor and Yasmine Putri's Dark Knights of Steel manages to deliver big on a solid premise that's sure to appeal to DC and fantasy fans alike.

The Great Gatsby #1 by Clover Press. 1
Review: Clover Press’ Great Gatsby Comic Suffers For Playing It Too Safe

Clover Press' adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby chooses fidelity to the original text over forging new artistic insight.

The Human Target #1 Cover Header 1
The Human Target #1 Review: A Murderer in The [SPOILER]!?!

Tom King and Greg Smallwood revive private investigator Christopher Chance to lead the DC Universe through a classic pulp detective yarn.

Static: Season One Sparks Promise for Milestone's Rebooted Dakotaverse

Static: Season One #1 by Vita Ayala and Nikolas Draper-Ivey is a strong debut for Milestone’s rebooted Dakotaverse premiering throughout the summer.

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