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Star Wars: Legacy's Darth Talon, Darth Krayt, and Cade Skywalker. 1
10 Wildest Moments From Star Wars: Legacy

Star Wars: Legacy is set more than a century after the OT, which allowed for a lot of freedom with its storytelling. Here's the 10 wildest moments!

Iron Man and Captain America's best Avengers fights. 1
10 Most Brutal 1 vs 1 Fights in Avengers History

The Avengers aren't known as Earth's Mightiest Heroes for no reason, & their reputation extends to those around them. Here's the 10 best 1v1 fights!

TMNT's '90s Leonardo seeing some modern mutants.  1
TMNT: 10 Changes to Mutant Canon That Will Shock '90s Turtles Fans

A number of TMNT mutants were introduced in the '90s, and have since been reimagined in the current canon. Here's 10 changes that'll shock '90s fans!

awakened quirk users MHA 1
Every My Hero Academia Awakened Quirk User

A few My Hero Academia characters have awakened their quirks after facing life-or-death situations, putting them among the strongest in the story.

Featured Image: a massive gathering of Batman's many rogues 1
10 Villains Who Know Batman's Secret Identity

Batman's is as vigilant about protecting his secret identity as he is about anything, but somehow, his worst villains keep finding out.

Beast World Transformations 1
10 Coolest Transformations in DC's Beast World Event (So Far)

As DC's Beast World event kicks into full gear, tons of heroes and villains have been transformed, and some of them are cooler than others.

10 Best Far Sides Westerns List 1
The Far Side: 10 Funniest Comics Set in the Old West

The Wild West was a lawless place full of criminals, cowboys and conflict, but classic cartoon The Far Side always saw the lighter side of things.

Shounen Manga Goku Ichigo Luffy 1
10 Best Shonen Manga Panels of All Time, Ranked

Shonen manga has a myriad of beautiful panels full of interesting compositions and thematic richness, here are ten of the genre's most iconic panels.

Apocalypse from Rise of Apocalypse & Dawn of X. 1
10 Ways Apocalypse Changed X-Men Lore Forever

Apocalypse is as influential as he is powerful, and his impact can be felt throughout the entirety of X-Men canon. Here are the 10 ways that's true!

Youngblood Image 1
Top 10 Superhero Debuts from Image Comics in the 1990s

Superheroes built the foundation of Image Comics in the 1990s, gifting the world numerous characters. Here are the top 10, ranked.

batman scars 1
10 Fights That Permanently Changed Batman's Body

Batman has been fighting criminals for decades, and in that time he's taken some pretty nasty hits that have left permanent scars on his body.

Peach Momoko Images of Rogue covered in fungi and Miles Morales made out of spiders 1
10 Pieces of Art That Show How Disturbing New Ultimate X-Men Franchise Will Be

Peach Momoko has become an A-list artist, and her most disturbing images show why her Ultimate X-Men will be like nothing else we've seen before.

X-Men's Cyclops, Magneto, and Colossus.  1
10 Most Brutal 1 vs 1 Fights in X-Men History

There is no shortage of epic fights in X-Men, and a great many of them are one-v-one. Here are the 10 best single combat battles in X-Men history!

predator vs mcu chitauri 2 1
10 Alien Species That Should Be Terrified the Predator Has Joined the Marvel Universe

The Predator has entered Marvel with Predator vs Wolverine, and now that it's there, who else will it hunt? Here's the 10 aliens who should be scared.

Star Wars: Legacy's Darth Krayt and Darth Talon. 1
10 of the Most Badass One Sith From Star Wars: Legacy

The One Sith rejected the Sith Rule of Two in the Star Wars: Legacy era, meaning there were a lot featured Sith Lords. Here are the 10 most badass!

Hulk vs Juggernaut Fight Comic Art 1
10 Best Juggernaut Fights in Marvel History (Ranked by Power Level)

The Juggernaut has been in countless fights throughout his Marvel Comics history, but only a few show his true power. Here are the 10 best, ranked.

Spawn: 10 of the Most Spine Tingling Covers From the 1990s

Spawn is a series rooted in supernatural horror, and the artwork on many of the covers makes that abundantly clear. Here's the 10 most spine tingling!

Featured Image: the whole Peanuts gang, with Schroeder playing piano in the middle 1
10 Classic 1970s Peanuts Comic Strips

Twenty years after Peanuts premiered, creator Charles Schulz was still improving his formula, creating new characters and reinventing his best gags.

Wolverine with other Weapon Plus creations.  1
10 Most Dangerous Creations From Wolverine's WEAPON PLUS Program

Aside from Wolverine, the Weapon Plus Program is responsible for making a number of increasingly deadly living weapons. Here are 10 of the deadliest!

Calvin and Hobbes with Dinosaur 1
10 Most Surreal Calvin and Hobbes Comics About Dinosaurs

Prepare for a trip to the wild world of Calvin and Hobbes, where dinosaurs take center stage in ten of the most fantastically surreal comic strips.

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