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Reverse Flash comic book image 1
Batman's Worst Day Was Fixed By The Flash's Worst Enemy

Batman may have one of the darkest origin stories in comic books, but his worst possible day was actually prevented by an iconic Flash villain.

Star Wars' Lando Calrissian from Battlefront II.  1
Star Wars Just Made a Powerful Battlefront II Ability Official Canon

Lando Calrissian has one very powerful ability in Star Wars: Battlefront II that he never outwardly had in the official Star Wars canon - until now.

Sarada and Sasuke 1
Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Reveals How Sasuke's Daughter Will Finally Surpass Him

Sarada finally has the chance to become stronger than her father in her upcoming huge battle.

Featured Image: Wolverine from X2: X-Men united 1
Why Wolverine Isn't a Millionaire (Despite 150 Years of Adventures) - Marvel Settles the Fan Debate

Wolverine's long life could have been devoted to making him a wealthy man; instead, he has eschewed financial security in favor of a humble life.

Super Saiyan 3 Goku attacks Beerus in Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods 1
Dragon Ball's Biggest Retcon Made Beerus Canon All the Way Back in Z

Akira Toriyama revealed that one obscure line in Dragon Ball Z actually referred to Beerus, retroactively connecting the two series.

Batman and Santa Claus fight back to back in Silent Knight #2 1
Batman Only Scares Criminals Because Santa Claus Did It First (Yes, Really)

Batman, Santa Claus, and Krampus are currently crossing over in DC Comics, with Batman learning he has far more in common with them than he thinks.

Featured Image: Wolverine (left) Captain America (right) 1
Madripoor Knights: Revisiting This Classic Uncanny X-Men One Shot Ahead of Chris Claremont's New Series

In celebration of the new Wolverine: Madripoor Knights series, it's time to take a look at the classic X-Men story that started it all back in 1990...

Shanks and Whitebeard against a backdrop of official manga art work. 1
One Piece's Next Arc Will Feature The Series' Biggest Fight Yet

Even after more than 1000 chapters and some of the best fights, One Piece's upcoming chapter will feature one of the greatest duel yet.

Featured Image: Superman using heat vision 1
1 Superman Power Could Drain His Other Abilities if He Used it Too Much

Superman has many different powers, with many different applications – but overusing one particular power can potentially drain the others.

Image of a Xenomorph stalking a Romulan, who is holding a phaser. 1
Star Trek vs Alien Crossover Was Meant to Give Picard His Ultimate Challenge

A proposed Star Trek/Aliens crossover would have pit Captain Picard against his biggest challenge: assimilated Xenomorphs.

Batman and Santa in Silent Knight Ben Oliver Comic Art 1
Batman Cosplay Redesigns the Batsuit to Match His Most Powerful Mentor, Santa Claus

A dedicated Batman cosplayer unveils a legendary Batsuit redesign, skillfully incorporating the essence of Batman's powerful mentor into every detail.

Batman and Green Lantern Hal Jordan 1
Batman's Anti-Green Lantern Contingency Has a 0% Chance of Success

Batman is infamous for having contingency plans for every enemy and ally he comes up against, but his Green Lantern plan is seriously terrible.

Featured Image: X-Men, from left to right -- Psylocke, Wolverine, Gambit, Rogue, Cyclops 1
The Marvel Universe Needs a New Incarnation of This Early 2000s X-Team

There have been countless X-Men iterations over the years, but these days, mutantkind has a desperate need for their their most X-Treme heroes.

Close up of Barry Allen in costume as the Flash from the comics 1
Barry Allen Just Proved He's the Best Flash by Inventing a Better Version of the Bat-Signal

Wally West may be the fastest Flash, but Barry Allen’s latest feat proves there’s more to being the Scarlet Speedster than superhuman swiftness.

Featured Image: DC's Superman (left) and Wonder Woman (right) 1
Superman Has an Incredibly Effective Contingency Plan to Instantly Beat Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is one of the strongest Justice League members, but Superman has a solid plan that takes her out of any potential fight in seconds.

Luffy crying in One Piece with a panel showing aces death on the left and a panel picturing Kuma with a young bonney on the left 1
One Piece Outdoes Ace's Death In New Most Tragic Twist

One Piece surpassed the tragic death of Ace with an even more tragic twist shown in Kuma's traumatic flashback.

Robin Damian Wayne free falling towards the streets of Gotham (cropped Batman and Robin #7)  1
Sorry Joker: 1 Surprising Gotham Villain Threatens Robin's Life in Official Art

The fate of Damian Wayne is uncertain as DC teases that an unexpected villain may be the next Gotham Rogue to join the infamous 'Killed a Robin' club.

Featured Image: Comic book Spider-Man lifting mask and crying (let); Toby MaGuire film Spidey crying (right) 1
Marvel Confirms Spider-Man Has It Rough Across the Entire Multiverse

An omnipotent, all-seeing being confirms what Peter Parker had already suspected, and hoped wasn't true...but the Ultimate Universe could fix.

The Magician Who Rose From Failure manga banner featuring the three key main characters in the series. 1
Isekai Meets Old-School Shonen is Exciting New Series

Imagine an isekai series where the hero shares similarities to shonen protagonists like Naruto – that's the manga The Magician Who Rose From Failure.

Superman vs. Doomsday 1
These Unexpected Heroes Served Superman's Most Terrifying Villain a Humiliating Defeat

Superman has fought many terrifying villains over the years, and Doomsday is the scariest — but he also suffered the most humiliating defeat.

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