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The DC Universe is one of the biggest comic book franchises and often competes with Marvel. DC Comics started as National Allied Publications, founded by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson in 1935. Since then, the franchise has exploded with thousands of comic books, movies, TV shows, and video games. 2013 marked the beginning of the most recent iteration of the superheroes, with Zack Snyder introducing Henry Cavill as Superman. After several movies with mixed reviews, DC underwent a soft reboot under the helm of James Gunn and Peter Safran.


Alan Ritchson as Aquaman on Smallville and Hawk on Titans with Batman from DC Comics custom news image 1
Smallville & Titans Star Suits Up As James Gunn's Batman In DC Universe Fan Art

After starring in Smallville and Titans, Reacher's Alan Ritchson gets imagined as the Dark Knight for James Gunn's DC Universe in new Batman fan art.

Robert Downey Jr as Lex Luthor 1
Robert Downey Jr Almost Played Lex Luthor In DC's Lost Superman Movie

Robert Downey Jr. was cast for Lex Luthor before he became Iron Man, almost becoming Superman's number-one Arch Nemesis.

Cameron Monaghan as Joker on Gotham with Wally West as The Flash custom news image 1
Gotham's Joker Actor Becomes James Gunn's The Flash In New DC Universe Art

Cameron Monaghan, who played The Joker on the Gotham TV show, suits up as the DC hero The Flash in James Gunn's DC Universe through new fan art.

Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto in Fast X and the Justice League 2017 cast 1
Fast & Furious Is The Real Winner Of The DCEU’s Failure (& Fast X Proves It)

The DCEU's failure and upcoming DC reboot plans have benefitted the Fast & Furious franchise greatly. The events of Fast X prove how this is the case.

Superman III Clark Kent and Titans season 2 Nightwing 1
DC Extended Universe
10 Stories DC TV Shows Did Better Than The Movies

DC TV shows have done numerous stories better than their big-screen counterparts - we rundown DC stories done better on TV than in movies.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom custim image of a close up on Aquaman and Black Manta walking with the black trident, all with a green glow 1
Aquaman 2's Lost Kingdom, Blood Magic & Orichalcum Explained

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom ends the DCEU, and the movie does so by introducing major elements to the franchise for one last adventure.

The debate over Superhero Movies as Cinema 1
Why Superhero Movies ARE Cinema (& Why The Debate Is Pointless)

Cinema is changing, and so are the movies that make it up. The question is, are superhero movies Cinema? Here's why they are.

Lady Gaga's Haley Quinn in Joker: Folie à Deux and a cover for the Harleen comics 1
Lady Gaga's Villain Transformation Imagined In Thrilling Joker 2 Fan Trailer

Lady Gaga becomes Harley Quinn in gripping Joker: Folie à Deux fan trailer, showing her Elsworlds DC character descending into madness.

Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry Swimming and Roaring in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom 1
Aquaman 2 Worldwide Box Office Passes Two Marvel & DC 2023 Flops Despite Slow Domestic Start

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom makes up for its tepid domestic opening with robust international box office making it No. 1 for the weekend worldwide.

Rocket Raccoon, Michael Keaton's Batman and Spider-Man 2099 1
10 Best Superhero Movie Performances Of 2023

The MCU, DCEU and the Spider-Verse all released new movies in 2023, and though not all were successful, each contained some strong performances.

Jason Momoa underwater as Aquaman 1
Aquaman 2 Equals A Disappointing DCEU Record First Set By Snyder's Batman vs Superman

As well as box office woes, James Wan's Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom has officially equaled an unfortunate DCEU audience record.

Aquaman 2's Orm with Bruce Wayne and Henry Cavill's Superman 1
Aquaman 2's Credits Scene Continues The Tragic Trend Of Almost Every DCEU Movie

Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom's divisive credits scene repeats the biggest problem with almost every DCEU stinger: none of it really means much.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and Christian Bale's Batman from The Dark Knight 1
25 Best Superhero Movie Costumes Of All Time

Superhero movies have allowed for fantastic adaptations of Marvel and DC costumes. Here are the 25 best since the genre became popularised in cinema.

DC worst year for movies, blended image of 1984's supergirl with 2004's catwoman (halle berry) 1
What Year Was Worst In DC’s Movie History?

DC has had some notoriously unpopular movies for the past decades, but one year stands above the rest as the absolute worst year in DC movie history.

Jason Momoa as Aquaman Falling on the Sand in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom 1
Aquaman 2 Box Office Opening Plummets Below Shazam 2 Flop (But Might Grow)

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom sinks even further in its 3-day opening weekend projections, landing considerably below Shazam! Fury of the Gods.

10 Best Final Lines From DC Movie Villains General Zod and The Joker 1
10 Best Final Lines From DC Movie Villains

The DC villains have had some memorable last remarks over the course of the franchise's movies, from menacing and foreboding to witty and clever.

peacemaker confirms DCU Batman's no-kill rules, blended image with Ben Affleck's Batman standing in front of Peacemaker 1
The New DC Batman's No Kill Rule Was Set Up 2 Years Before The DCU Reboot

The DCU’s Batman will reinstate the character's strict no-killing rule, but interestingly, James Gunn established this years ago in Peacemaker.

Poster from Zack Snyder's Justice League showing the team in black and white 1
10 Harsh Realities Of Continuing The Snyderverse After Its Disappointing Cancelation

Though a campaign for Zack Snyder's DC film series to revive on Netflix has caught on, the idea faces some difficult truths in execution.

Superman (Dean Cain) looks off into the distance in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman 1
lois and clark (1993)
Dean Cain's Superman Gets A Sharp Modern Redesign In DC Fan Art 26 Years After His Last Appearance

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman star, Dean Cain, has been depicted in a modern redesign of Superman in a small gallery of fan art.

A split image of Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern and Margo Robbie as Harkey Quinn in DC movies 1
10 Comic Book Movies That Were Huge Box Office Flops (And Why)

Not all comic book movies have been box office hits - we rundown 10 major Marvel and DC comic book films that were unfortunate box office letdowns.

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