• Ncuti Gatwa takes over as the Fifteenth Doctor in the new Doctor Who season 14 trailer, providing fans with a proper look at their adventures.
  • The trailer introduces Millie Gibson's character, Ruby Sunday, and hints at training for dangers "beyond the universe", sparking speculation among fans.
  • Doctor Who is a long-running sci-fi series that follows the Time Lord known as the Doctor, who travels through time and space with companions to solve problems and avert catastrophe.

With the star now properly taking the reins of the character, the first Doctor Who season 14 trailer offers a proper look at Ncuti Gatwa's Fifteenth Doctor adventures. The Sex Education alum took over the character in the final 60th Anniversary special, "The Giggle", having been born out of a bi-generation initiated by Neil Patrick Harris' Toymaker, allowing for David Tennant's Fourteenth Doctor to live a peaceful life. Filming on season 14 began in December 2022 and wrapped the following July, with the plan for an unspecified 2024 premiere.

Following the airing of the show's Christmas Special, "The Church on Ruby Road," the BBC have revealed the first Doctor Who season 14 trailer.

The video, as seen above, finds Gatwa's Fifteenth Doctor properly introducing Millie Gibson's Ruby Sunday to the wild world of the TARDIS and the time-traveling adventures they'll embark upon. The trailer also sees the two training for dangers "beyond the universe", hinting towards a few major fan theories coming to fruition in the new episodes.

What The Doctor Who Trailer Reveals About Season 14

Doctor Who Season 14 Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson as The Fifteenth Doctor and Ruby Sunday

The first trailer for Doctor Who season 14 offers some exciting expansions on some of the early images shown for the new adventures, namely those surrounding the '60s-era and classic Victorian costumes Gatwa's Fifteenth Doctor and Gibson's Ruby were shown in. The former is shown to involve the two venturing to Abbey Road Studios and interacting with The Beatles in the height of their fame, though how the rock band are involved remains unclear. The latter, on the other hand, hints towards a more villainous nature behind Jonathan Groff's yet-unnamed character, as well as a complex romantic tone between him and the Fifteenth Doctor.

More interestingly, however, is that the Doctor Who season 14 trailer seemingly confirms the return of Toymaker and his minions in future episodes of the show. Showrunner Russell T Davies did recently tease that these forces would be a major threat for the Fifteenth Doctor and Ruby in the future, especially after "The Giggle" saw Harris' iconic villain warn that "my legions are coming". While it's unclear if the various creatures shown in the new trailer are said minions, or just miscellaneous threats, it's clear that the Toymaker's influence will still be felt going forward.

The other major fan theory the Doctor Who season 14 trailer seemingly confirms is that it will continue to expand on the recent Timeless Child show recton in which it was revealed that the Doctor originates from beyond the universe. With Ruby's own origins still largely unknown and a number of parallels set up between her and Gatwa's Fifteenth Doctor in the newly premiered Christmas Special, it will be interesting to see if she herself has ties to the Timeless Child lore, or some connection to other major characters from the show's past.

Doctor Who season 14 is slated to premiere on the BBC in May 2024.

Source: BBC

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